2014 Speakers include

Alain Nanzer
Global Area Head Non-Clinical Safety Informatics
Roche AG
Sebastian Lefebvre
Head of R & D IT Platforms
Michael Shanler
Research Director
Joe Liscouski
Executive Director
Institute for Laboratory Automation
John Trigg
phaseFour Informatics
Michael Elliott
Atrium Research

ELNs, Data Analytics and Knowledge Management Summit

The only event dedicated to the next generation of lab informatics applications and building a searchable, shareable database to improve decision making and efficiency

After thesuccess of last year’s inaugural event EDKM (ELNs, Data Analytics and Knowledge Management) event in the US, Pharma IQ is delighted to announce the second EDKM conference to be held on 17th & 18th June 2014 in Boston US.

Pre-event Focus Day 16th June 2014 and pre-event Workshop 16th June 2014.

We are pleased to announce that this year we have been working closely with our EDKM 2014 Advisory Board:

  • Michael Elliott, CEO, Atrium Research & Consulting
  • Sebastian Lefebvre, Director, R & D IT Platforms, Biogen
  • John Trigg, Director, PhaseFour Informatics
  • Alain Nanzer, Global Head Research & Early Development Informatics, Roche
  • Michael Shanler, Research Director, Gartner
  • Joe Liscouski, Executive Director, Institute for Laboratory Automation

EDKM is the only meeting in the US that provides answers and real user case studyexperiences in laboratory informatics systems. Although the pharma industry have been implementing these systems for over 15 years, other industries such as food and beverage, fast consumer goods and cosmetic industries have also started to implement these systems into their laboratories with the hope of not only becoming a ‘paperless lab’ but to manage their data in the most effectiveand efficient way possible.

Although a great deal has been achieved, lab personnel are still faced with numerous challenges. With increased regulatory pressures and data management issues, all laboratories aim to reach a common goal of creating an electronic lab environment that allows organisations to capture organisational knowledge and leverage it as intelligence.

The world of lab data and informatics systems is evolving with more sectors buying into the benefits and high return on investment through effective data and knowledge management. With on-going regulatory guidance, integration of data and tools, data and knowledge management and virtualisation are all challenges that the lab personnel arefaced with.

Some challenges lab personnel are faced with:

  • Is data effectively managed? Does the data bring any real value? Is it retainedand used to increase benefits?
  • Integration of data and tools – integrating the functionality of current and new systems.Get rid of old systems or integrate them?
  • Engaging end users – gaining buy-in and demonstrating the importance and return oninvestment for data management systems
  • Retaining and sharing knowledge – ensuring scientists are retaining knowledge and improveworking practices .
  • Using cloud and virtualisation – to cloud or not to cloud?

Pharma IQ’s two day event has been carefully designed to tackle these challenges. With successful case studies and presentations from the pharma, food and beverage,fast consumer goods and cosmetics industries, this event is not to be missed.

Why you can’tafford to miss EDKM 2014;

  • Hear about best practices in creating an electronic laboratory environment
  • Find out how to successfully manage and increase the value of your data
  • How to ensure a return on investment on your lab informatics systems
  • Integration, interoperability, data protection and risk management
  • Meet and network with leading professional experts

22627_thumb INFOGRAPHIC - ELNs, Data Analytics & Knowledge Management: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities
This infographic shows a summary of the findings from a survey conducted by Pharma IQ in association with ELNs, Data Analytics and Knowledge Management Summit. View it here.

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